Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics to Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Invest in America's Future

Join The Harris Foundation to help create the next generation of students who are motivated and qualified to fill the STEM jobs in your company. Currently statistics indicate that America’s youth is currently falling behind many other nations as it relates to their proficiency in science and mathematics skills. Our country’s success is dependent on a skilled workforce that is capable of fulfilling the technological needs of our future. Help your community grow by encouraging STEM education.

Learn About STEM Issues

Access our resources for the latest statistics and information on government policies as they relate to the future of STEM education.

Helpful Resources

The White House: Education, Knowledge and Skills for the Jobs of the Future

The White House: Reform for the Future

Support Schools in Implementing Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum

Where do we stand on the advancement of technology and innovation spectrum? Find out where your state ranks in comparison to other states across America as it relates to science and math standards.

Helpful Resources

Next Generation Science: Prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce

Common Core State Standards Initiative: Implementing Common Core State Standards

Actively Engage with Students

Engage with students in your community to help foster their interest in STEM education. Offer opportunities for them to visit your company to get a first-hand look into a STEM professional’s work life.

Helpful Resources

The White House: Educate to Innovate

Create or Participate in STEM Networks

How can you help to build a solid foundation in America’s quest to bridge the STEM gap?

Helpful Resources

The White House: Higher Education

Provide Opportunities for STEM Workforce Development

Help increase the development of a qualified STEM workforce. Learn about some of the challenges that companies face trying to find qualified candidates to fill STEM positions.

Helpful Resources

National Defense Industrial Association: STEM Workforce Division

American Society of Mechanical EngineersASME: Workforce Development

Population Reference Bureau

National Science Board: Science and Engineering Indicators

Silicon Valley Leadership Group