Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics to Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Advance STEM Education in Your Community

In recent years, many movements have been started to create a greater interest in STEM education. This call for a solid education in STEM is due to the need to fill the many STEM-related career positions with qualified individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills for America. Statistics have shown that America’s youth is currently falling behind many other nations as it relates to their proficiency in science and mathematics skills. Our country’s success is dependent on a skilled workforce that is capable of fulfilling the technological needs of our future. A genuine interest and push to boost our youth’s knowledge and comprehension in STEM education is paramount to our nation’s ability to remain as the world’s leader in innovation and technology.

Learn about STEM Issues

Where do we stand on the advancement of technology and innovation spectrum? Find out where your state and America as a whole ranks in comparison to other countries as it relates to science and mathematics.

Next Generation Science: Prepare today’s student’s for tomorrow’s workforce

Common Core State Standards Initiative: Implementing Common Core State Standards

Build Relationships/Networks with STEM Educators

How can you help to build a solid foundation in America’s quest to bridge the STEM gap?

The White House: Office of Science and Technology Policy

The White House: Higher Education

Establish/Support Policies for STEM Education

Help America’s students be fully prepared for the future. Support policies that will help place our communities in the best position in regards to education so that we can continue to compete successfully in the global economy.

The White House: Office of Science and Technology Policy Divisions

The White House: Technology

National Education Association: Common Core State Standards Tool kit

Educate Constituents on the Importance of STEM Education

Help your community understand why it is so important to encourage STEM education.

Helpful Resources

Next Generation Science Standards: The need for new science standards

Commit to making a real difference in STEM

Help America continue to compete successfully in the growth of the global economy. Establish a greater awareness in the call for quality education in STEM.

Helpful Resources

The White House: Office of Science and Technology Policy

PCAST: The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology