Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics to Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Cultivate Your STEM Knowledge

Join The Harris Foundation with your student and get actively involved in the growing STEM movement. Cultivate your STEMscience, technology, engineering, and mathematics knowledge and learn more about the growing influence of STEM education and the important role it will play in your child’s future.

Why do you need to be involved?

  • A parent’s education level was a strong predictor of their children's course taking patterns and career aspirations.
  • The children of more highly educated parents had a tendency to take more mathematics and science courses in turn leading them to choose financially lucrative STEM careers.
  • The role you play in your child’s education is a great influence in how they plan for their future.

STEM 101

Increase your proficiency in STEM education.

Helpful Resources

STEM 101

Learning Starts: A Parent’s Guide to Learning and Education Now

Engineering Your Life

Tips and Advice on How to Talk to Your Child About STEM

Learn how to talk to your child about STEM. Find tips and advice on how to conduct your own at-home STEM projects with your family. Seek out and get involved in STEM related activities.

Helpful Resources

Discovery Education Parents Resources

NASA: Astro Camps

Discovery Education: Brain Boosters

Ask an Expert

Gain insight from experts and leaders in STEM education. Find out what they have to say about the importance of encouraging your child to cultivate their knowledge of STEM.

Helpful Resources

North American Association for Environmental Education: Natural Start Alliance

Change the Equation

STEM Connectors

Explore STEM Careers

Encourage your child to explore and pursue the many career fields that are attainable through the study of STEM.

Helpful Resources

Career Cornerstone Center
Career Cornerstone Center/
Degree Fields

Learning Starts: A Parent’s Guide to Learning and Education Now

USA Science & Engineering Festival: Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement

Get Ready for College

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to prepare them for college and to help guide them in their career path. Find out what you can do to help them along their path to a career in STEM.

Helpful Resources

College Board Planning Toolkit

NASA: Pre-College Programs

Big Future by The College Board: Helping your Child Prepare for College

Texas Reality Check